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    Hand illustrated ceramics by Lydia de la PiΓ±era in Galicia, Spain

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    what is this magic?!

    This magic is a Turkish technique called Ebru. Β It uses dyes, paints, or pigments to draw on water, the finished image is then transferred to paper or fabric by laying it over the image. Β 

    Also, watch more here. Β And credit the artist: Garip Ay

    This is also how one makes those marbled endsheets for books!

    Ugh someday! I still have my alum….

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  4. Happy Birthday to my Jeffrey! He’s spending his bday weekend backpacking Catalina Island like a wild beast and I’m bummed I can’t be there. Here’s a good ole throwback to 2006. Look at that babyface! πŸŽ‚πŸ˜½πŸŒ  #tbt

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    Return to Magenta, Julieanne Kost

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  6. Feelin that fall daze. πŸπŸŒ»πŸ‚#fall #pumpkins #vscocam #roadtrip

  7. Fuzzy farm kittens & cat eyes. THESE ARE THE DAYS. 😻 (at Somewhere in Wisconsin?)

  8. And on the second day she made almonds into milk πŸ™Œ #vscocam #realfood #nutbag (at The Girl Can’t Help It - Little Richard 🎢)

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    by Tara Welch

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  10. I think this is my cat’s father.

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